Minesweeper Distribution and Variants

Versions of Minesweeper are frequently bundled with operating systems and GUIs, including Minesweeper in Windows, KMines in KDE (Unix-like OSes), Gnomine in GNOME and MineHunt in Palm OS. Apart from the bundled versions, a huge number of clones of all shapes and sizes can be found on the Internet.

Variants of the basic game generally have differently shaped mine fields in two and three dimensions, or various two-dimensional layouts, such as triangular or hexagonal grids, or possibly more than one mine per cell. For example, X11-based XBomb adds triangular and hexagonal grids, and Professional Minesweeper for Windows includes these and others.

A minigame in FIFA 11 is a variation of Minesweeper.

The Voltorb Flip game in the non-Japanese releases of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver is a variation of Minesweeper and Picross.

Another derivative of Minesweeper is Tentaizu, which could be described as a Minesweeper with some squares initially revealed, where the player doesn't reveal any squares, only mark them, and whose objective is to mark all mines correctly. Tentaizu puzzles usually have a unique solution.